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To figure out how we should put your banner together for you, we need to know two things:

  1. What material you want your banner printed on, and
  2. How we should finish the banner so that you can display it.

Fabrication Guide

We offer three different material choices, several options for finishing the edges of your banner, and several other options for hanging your banner. Some options are better for outdoor display, some are better for indoors. Find out more below.

Material Options

Super Heavy Duty Vinyl
Our most durable material. Excellent for indoor or outdoor applications. Holds ink well. One square yard of the material weighs 14 oz. Withstands the elements. Opaque.
Heavy Duty Vinyl
A very durable yet pliant material. Good for indoor or outdoor applications (although not as durable as Super Heavy Duty Vinyl). Holds ink well. One square yard of the material weighs 10 oz. Translucent.
Tear Resistant Paper
Good for indoor applications and for short-term outside applications. Holds ink well. One square yard weighs 9 oz. Environmentally friendly, non-pvc based, made primarily of cellulose and nylon. Translucent.

Finishing / Fabrication Options

Trim to Size
No fabrication -- just trim the banner. Results in an unfinished look with edges that can rip and mangle.
To strengthen your banner and give it a finished look, hems are recommended. The rough outside edge of the banner (about 1") is folded and sewn down for a professional finish.
Hems & Metal Eyelets
The "standard" fabrication option. The rough outside edge of the banner (about 1") is folded and sewn down for a professional finish. Metal eyelets are inserted into the corners and hems of your banner (1 eyelet per three linear feet). Rope or bungee cord can then be inserted through the eyelets for quick installation. Adds strength and durability, and makes installation easy, too.
Durable nylon rope is sewn into the top and bottom hems of your banner with 4 foot leads at either end for quick installation.
Pole Pockets
A popular fabrication option. To create pole pockets, we sew a 3" open hem along the top and bottom or left and right edges of your banner. You can then easily insert a wooden dowel or a piece of pvc pipe through the pocket for quick and easy banner installation.
Super Reinforced Hems
To reinforce banners that will hang outdoors for extended periods of time, we recommend super reinforced hems, a 1" wide piece of nylon sewn into the banner hem to strengthen the edges of your banner.
Double-Sided Tape
Double-sided adhesive tape is perfect for indoor applications. Our tape is specially designed to hold your banner on a smooth surface without taking off the paint! Not recommended for vinyl banners or outdoor applications.

We sew a 1" Velcro strip (loop portion) onto the backside of your banners top edge.  We will supply a 1" adhesive-backed hook Velcro strip to match the loop portion. This method is not recommended for large outdoor banners.

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